Saturday, May 5, 2018

Sony XBR75X940E HDTV Features, Specs and Manual


One of Sony's biggest and most tech injected HDTV. It has picture enhancing technologies that are not usually found on mid-high spec TV's. It has plenty of HDR enhancing technologies that makes viewing ultra realistic experience. The Android operating system not only helps in ease of use but also for flexibility. 


Here are some of the main tech features of this HDTV.

  • 4K HDR TV

Uncomparable and it rises above the normal 4K and HDR from other manufacturers. It provides realistic picture quality and wide color production. The HDR has a amazing contrast with excellent detail across the whole 75 inch screen.

  • Slim Backlight Drive+

It boost backlighting on a particular spot where it is needed. For example if there is a bright scene like a lamp post, it will provide more backlight brightness on that area alone. Making it a brightly vivid scene that mimics the real thing in terms of lighting.

  • 4K HDR Pro

Not just an ordinary HDR tech, the 4K HDR Pro further enhances the standard HDR capabilities to make it much more realistic to the eyes. Much more wider contrast resulting in great detail in every scenes.

  • Dolby Vision

This is the counterpart of the usual Dolby thing which is sound. Like the sound enhancement Dolby has put thru on most HDTV, but this time Dolby is enhancing the picture quality of the HDTV like excellent picture highlighting, deeper blacks and vibrant color production.

  • X-Tended Dynamic Range

It is 10 times much better than conventional 4K HDTV out on the market today. The screen is brilliant with luminosity and blacks are much more blacker. It is almost realistic as if looking out on a window of your home.

  • TRILUMINOS Display

This tech allows for much more colors produced in a wider spectrum providing excellent detail and differences with every hue and shades of colors.

  • Powered by Android

Not only it is a smart HDTV, but this Sony 75-inch has Android operating system built-in just like the ones on smartphones. That easily equates to tons of apps and games that can be installed directly on to the HDTV itself. Plus you can access all streaming apps and play them directly on the HDTV. It can also receive regular firmware updates to further enhance your Android TV experience.

  • Playstation VUE

This is an extra service if you are into gaming and such. You can watch any live streaming games for free without any annual or monthly payments all exclusive to this Sony HDTV only/

Technical Specifications

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Insignia NS-49DR420NA18 HDTV Features, Specs and Manual


This tv has a cheap price tag, but this does not mean it has cheap features too. It has a reasonable 1080p of maximum resolution that produces good image quality which can be viewed in any angle. With Roku interface you can easily manage and navigate thru the menus and settings with ease. And with the built-in wifi connection you can access tons of online streaming media thru the help of Roku.


Here are some of the useful features of this HDTV.

  • 1080p Resolution

Ample enough for regular HD viewing, Gaming and online videos. Excellent picture quality and good color production.

  • Built-in Roku

Navigate menus and organize channels, this hdtv is powered by a simple to use Roku smart interface. It can also access online streaming media with the help of the built-in Roku interface.

  • Built-in Wifi

The built-in wifi is a huge feature for this HDTV as it can do access online videos from youtube or netflix. You can even cast your smartphone without any wired connection.

  • Wide Viewing Angle

With a 178 degrees of total viewing angle, there is no changes in screen color when viewed from different angle or whichever you are maybe seated.

  • USB Input

It has a single usb input for your storage devices. Access and play them directly on to the HDTV for much more easier direct viewing.

  • 3 HDMI Inputs

Connect your blu-ray, game console, or even your computer at the same time because it has 3 HDMI ports on the back.

  • DTS Sound

The two 8 watt speakers are further enhanced by Dolby DTS. It makes sound much more clearer and cleaner without any distortion.

Technical Specifications

Sony XBR75X940E HDTV Features, Specs and Manual

Overview One of Sony's biggest and most tech injected HDTV. It has picture enhancing technologies that are not usually found on mi...