Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Asus VivoBook X541SA Troubleshooting


Asus VivoBook X541SA

1. A block dot, or sometimes a colored dot, appears on screen while notebook is on.

- Although these dots normally appear onscreen, they will not affect your laptop. If the incident continues and subsquently affects system performance, contact your local shop for warranty.

2. Display panel has uneven color and brightness

- The color and brightness of the display panel may be affected by the angle and current position of the screen. The brightness and color tone of your Laptop also vary per model. You may use the function keys or the display settings in the control panel to adjust the appearance of your display panel.

3. How to maximize Laptop Battery Life?

- Set the screen brightness settings to low

- If not using the internet, turn the wifi off, or set the laptop to airplane mode

- Disconnect USB devices 

- Close any unused applications, or heavy applications that use more processing power and RAM.

4. Battery charge Indicator does not light up

- Check whether the power adapter or batttery pack is attached correctly on the laptop and on the power outlet.

- Try to disconnect and connect the power adapter from the laptop and on the power outlet 1 minute in between 

5. Touchpad Not Working

- Press the FN (Function) + F9

6. No sound from the Laptop while playing Audio or Music

-Try pressing Fn+F12

- Check if the power volume is on mute or low

- Try unplugging any connected headphone jack

7. Notebook PC cannot do keystrokes correctly because cursor keeps on moving

- Make sure that nothing accidentally touches or presses the touchpad while you type on the keyboard

- Try disabling touchpad by pressing FN+F9

8. Instead of showing letters, pressing the “U”, “I”, and “O” keys on keyboard displays numbers.

- Press “Num lk” key or “FN+Num lk

Software Troubleshooting

1. Power indicator lights up but nothing appears on screen

- Force shutdown you Notebook PC by pressing the power button for at least 4 seconds. Check if the power adapter and battery pack are inserted correctly then turn on your Notebook PC.

2. Screen displays this message “Remove disks or other media. Press any key to restart.

-Try to remove all connected USB devices then restart Notebook PC

-Remove any optical discs that are left inside the optical drive then restart

3. Notebook PC Boots slower than usual and operating system lags

- Notebook PC Boots slower than usual and operating system lags.

- Check for running background processes that consumes memory.

4. Notebook PC does not bootup

- Remove all connected devices to your notebook PC then reboot or restart windows

- Make sure Laptop is fully charge or have a enough sufficient charge to boot up.

5. Notebook PC cannot wake up from sleep mode

- Press the power button to resume your last working state

- Laptop may be low on battery, connect the power adapter to the laptop and press the power button

If you have any other problems or questions free to comment below and I will get to you as soon as possible...

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