Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Igloo ICE108 Ice Maker Troubleshooting


Problem: "ADD WATER" indicator light turns on.

Possible Causes: Low water level or lack of water.
Solutions: - Add water and the icemaker will operate automatically.

Problem: There is no indication on the control panel.

Possible Causes: Disconnection of plug.
Solutions - Check that the plug is plugged into the electrical outlet.

Problem: "Ice Full" and "Add Water" indication light up simultaneously.

Possible Causes: Electrical Power Surge or There may be air in the lines or the lines are blocked. The water tank cannot detect water level.
 - Turn off the icemaker, pull out the electric plug, fill it with water if needed, replace the plug and then restart the unit. 
- Inspect relative parts, remove the drain cap in the back of the unit and drain out a small amount of water. Replace the drain cap and attempt to use the unit again. 
- Check if ice is blocking the ice pusher. Turn off the unit let the ice melt and restart

Problem: The "Ice Full" indicator light is on.

Possible Causes: The ice basket is full.
- Remove ice from the ice storage basket to make more.

Problem: The unit does not operate.

Possible Causes: Power is not being supplied to the unit. The ambient temperature or the water temperature is too high.
- Plug the unit into a standard 110/120 Volt, 60 Hertz power source. 
- Please run the icemaker in temperature in temperatures below 90 degrees Fahrenheit and/or pour colder water into the water reservoir.

Problem: Ice blockage. No ice is being made.

Possible Causes: Making ice takes too much time.
- Turn off the machine. Start the machine after the ice block melts
- Change the size selector to small ice cubes.

Problem: The icemaking cycle seems normal but no ice is produced.

Possible Causes: There is refrigerant leakage. A pipe in the cooling system is blocked.
- Consult a qualified technician or call Customer Service.

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