Thursday, October 12, 2017

Is it worth buying the Airpods by Apple?

Since the latest releases of the Iphone with no headphone jack, Apple releases its wireless headphones. Is it worth buying? Are they good? Lets see the key features first.


Since no cord left dangling on your ears, the airpods connect to your smartphone thru wireless bluetooth technology, it easily connects to your phone by tapping it. It also sense when they are on your ears as it automatically pause the music your playing when you take them off.

W1 Chip

The chip is efficient as Apple says on wireless connections that improves battery life while producing a high quality sound. It also draws less power on the device thus allowing 5 hours of music playback.

Sensors for Talking and Listening to Music

A accelerometer built in detects when you are talking to siri or making calls and the mic also filters external or background noise to make your voice clear.
Optical sensors together with the accelerometers work together to control the audio and automatically plays music when the airpods are in your ears.

Battery Life and Charging

It has 5 hours of listening stamina on the Airpods alone. But it also has a charging case that holds 24 hours of total charge. When your Airpods are charged on the case Apple claims a 15 minute charge is equals to 3 hours of music playback

Automatic Setup and Switching 

The Airpods connect automatically on all your Apple devices when they are in range. You can instantly switch on which devices your Airpods will be using.

Lets take a look at the specifications

Brand Apple
Model Airpods
Wireless Connectivity Bluetooth
Dual Beam Forming Microphones
Dual Optical Sensors
Motion-Detecting Accelerometer
Speech-Detecting Accelerometer
Battery Life (Airpods)
5 hours music playback
2 hours of talk time
Battery Life (Case)
Toatal of 24 hours music playback
11 hours of talktime
Charging 15 minutes equals 3 hours of music playback and 1 hour of talktime
Airpods 4 grams each
Case 38 grams
IPhone, IPad and IPod Touch: IOS 10 or later
Apple Watch: watchOS 3 or later
Mac: MacOS Sierra or later


-Excellent Audio Quality
-Ease of use


-No physical controls or buttons 
-Software Glitches
-Tends to fall off on bigger ears


The Apple Airpods has less battery life compared to other wireless bluetooth headphones but for its size and portability it is forgivable. The sensors are great for use daily without tinkering your phone or devices again and again. If your into much more music listening quality nerd this are not for you because there are alot more alternatives to consider for its price. For the tech these are the way to go.

Click here for guides and troubleshooting problems on using your Airpods

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