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Samsung UN58MU6100FXZA Display Troubleshooting

Here are the common Display Problems of Samsung UN58MU6100FXZA MU6100 Series

Before you review the list of problems and solutions below, use Start Picture Test to determine if the problem is caused by the TV. Start Picture Test displays a high definition picture you can examine for flaws or faults.

How to use the Picture Test on your Samsung TV

  • First Go to Settings > Support > Self Diagnosis > then access Start Picture Test.

Flickering and Dimming

Possible Solution: If the display is flickering and dimming from time to time, try to disable some of the energy efficiency features. Try the following solutions.

Disable Power Saving Mode:
  • Press Home > Settings > General > Eco Solution > Power Saving Mode > Turn off
Ambien Light Detection
  • Home > Settings > General > Eco Solution > Ambient Light Detection
Motion Lighting
  • Home > Settings > General > Eco Solution > Motion Lighting

 Component Connections / Screen Color

If the color of the display is not correct please first run the Picture test first. To run the Picture Test please use the following procedure
  • Press Home > Settings > Support > Self Diagnosis > Start Picture Test
If the test states the following problems is not caused by the TV, do the following
  • Check the cables and connectors that are properly and firmly connected to the TV
  • Check the other connections as well. If the TV is connected to an external device via a component cable, confirm that the Pb, Pr, and Y jacks are plugged into their proper connectors.
  • Look for damages on the cable itself, damaged cables can cause poor picture quality or no display output

 Screen Brightness

If the colors on your Samsung TV are correct but just a little too dark or bright, try adjusting the following settings first.
  • Select Home > Settings > Picture > Expert Settings > and adjust the "Backlight, Contrast, Brightness, Sharpness, Color or Tint" (G/R) settings.

 Ghosting, Blurring, or Juddering 

If you notice ghosting or blurring on the screen, use the Auto Motion Plus Settings function. Please follow this steps to access the Motion Plus Settings.
  •  Select Home > Settings > Picture > Expert Settings > Auto Motion Plus Settings 

 Unwanted Powering Off

If your Samsung TV appears to turn off by itself, try disabling some of the TV's energy efficiency functions. See if Sleep Timer is Enabled
  • Select Home > Settings > General > System Manager > Time > Sleep Timer
 The Sleep Timer automatically turns the TV off after a specified period of time. If the Sleep Timer has not been enabled. Also see if the Auto Power off is enabled, please follow the steps
  • Select Home > Settings > General > Eco Solution > Auto power off

 Problems Power On

If you are having problems powering on your Samsung television, there are a number of things to check before calling the service department. Confirm that the TV's power cord is connected correctly at both ends and that the remote control is operating normally. Make sure that the antenna cable or cable TV cable is firmly connected. If you have a cable or satellite box, confirm that it is plugged in and turned on.

 Unable to Find Channels

If your TV is not connected to a cable or satellite box, try the following to search for available channels using the "Auto Program"
  • Select Home > Settings > Broadcasting > Auto Program

The Picture Dont Look as Good as it did in the Store

Store displays are all tuned to digital, HD (high definition) channels. If you have an analog cable or satellite box, upgrade to a digital cable or satellite box. Use HDMI or Component cables to deliver HD (high definition) picture quality. Many HD channels are upscaled from SD (Standard Definition) content. Look for a channel that is broadcasting HD content.
  • Cable/Satellite Subscribers: Try HD channels from the channel lineup. 
  • Air/Cable Antenna Connection: Try HD channels after running the Auto Program function
Adjust the cable or satellite box's video output resolution to 1080i or 720p. 

The Picture is Distorted

The compression of video content may cause picture distortions, especially in fast moving pictures from sports programs and action movies. If the signal reception is weak or poor, screen distortion may be visible but it is not a malfunction. Mobile phones used close to the TV (within 3.2 ft) may cause noise on analog and digital channels.

The color is wrong or missing

If you’re using a Component connection, make sure that the Component cables are connected to the correct jacks. Incorrect or loose connections may cause color problems or a blank screen.

The color is poor or the picture is not bright enough. 

Go to Picture and then adjust the Picture Mode, Brightness, Sharpness, and Color settings.
  • See if Power Saving Mode ( Settings > General > Eco Solution > Power Saving Mode) has been enabled.
  • Also Try Resetting the Picture (Settings > Picture > Expert Settings > Reset Picture

There is a dotted line on the edge of the screen.

Change Picture Size Settings to 16:9 Standard.

The picture is black and white.

If you are using AV, analog equipment, disconnect the adapter from the Component (Blue) input jack on the TV and connect it to the AV In (Yellow) input jack.

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