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Dell i5558 2148blk Laptop Features, Specs and Manual


This is the i5558 from the 5000 series laptop made by dell. It is powered by intel and its put in the mid spec range but it has a 8GB of RAM and a 1 Terabyte of storage. The price of the laptop is a steal but the built and feel of the laptop is comparable to the high end and expensive ones on the market, it even have a illuminated keyboard. This laptop is reported to run 5-6 hours of normal usage.


Haswell CPU

It may be old but the Intel Core i3-4030U dual-core processor that clocks at 1.9GHz maximum. It is good with windows 10 and it works perfectly on data entry/encoding jobs but can also play basic games with no lags.

Intel HD 4400

This is a integrated graphics card that is shared but nonetheless it can handle high quality videos and can do gaming mostly on low to mid spec settings.


The 1 Terabyte or 1000 Gigabyte hard drive in todays market is already sufficient on you needs. You can store alot of videos or your music collection with this hard drive capacity

15.6" Inch TN Screen

With 1366 x 768 resolution it is adequate enough for your day to day encoding or document editing needs. But for watching HD videos this may be a let down. The TN screen also limits the viewing angles versus the IPS screen that has a wide viewing angle.

Technical Specifications

i5558 2148blk
Intel Core i3-4030U
Processor Speed
Up to 1.9 GHz Dual-Core
Processor Cache
3MB Cache
Intel Graphics 4400 Integrated
Screen Size
15.6” TN
Screen Resolution
1366 x 768 Full HD
Operating System
Windows 8 (Stock) Upgradeable to Windows 10
1TB (1000 Gigabytes) HDD
  • 1x HDMI Output
  • 2x USB 2.0
  • 1x USB 3.0
  • Ethernet (LAN) Port
  • Media Card Reader
Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
3-cell Lithium-ion 2800mah capacity
5.5 Pounds
Dimensions (HxWxD)
0.9 in x 14.9 in x 10.3 inch


  • Cheap price point considering the specs
  • 8gb of ram and 1 Terabyte of storage
  • Good design and backlit keyboard


  • 1366 x 768 resolution is not sharp
  • TN screen it has bad viewing angles
  • Processor is old and may slow down at full load

Would I recommend this laptop to you?

This laptop is perfect for those who uses non intensive CPU applications like reading emails, or browsing the web, or for those who are happy with 720p resolution on youtube.

Who would I recommend this laptop?

Perfect for students and you teenage children who needs basic laptop but alot of storage and the capability to multi task at the same time (like listening to youtbue while doing the homework). Not a bad buy laptop considering at some point it only cost around 200$ on a black friday sale.

Available Manuals, Guides or Documentation

Dell i5558 2148blk Quick Start Guide for Windows 10

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