Thursday, January 11, 2018

Garmin NUVI 67LMT Features, Specs and Manual


The Garmin NUVI 67LMT has a 6.0 Inch LCD screen for easy to read and follow with the help of a loudspeaker. It has pre built-in high detailed maps of 49 US States with free lifetime updates over the internet. It is easy to use and with the help of Direct Access you can easily find your destinations like landmarks, malls, restaurants, gas stations, etc.


Detailed Maps

Updated regularly forever free for accurate and up to date maps and new landmarks or point of interest. Once you buy your garmin NUVI you will receive regular updates on 49 US States regularly.

Traffic Avoidance

Notifies you when there is a traffic ahead of your destination and will recommend an alternate route for avoiding the traffic ahead. It is also free of charge with no fees or whatsoever.

Foursquare Integration

With tons of destinations or point of interest already on Foursquare, you can all enjoy the information of the points of interest destinations right on the Garmin NUVI 67LMT device with no internet connection required or monthly fees waived.

Lane Assist

Allows you to easily navigates any intersection, junctions and complex interchanges for the whole 49 States. Easily directs you step by step so you can easily follow it and reach your target destination.

Speed Warnings

Notifies you when there is a speed limit on the area you are navigating to. Like school zones, church zones etc.

Garmin Wireless Backup Camera

It is compatible with a separate Garmin Wireless Backup Camera add-on. Easily setup and integrate it with your Garmin NUVI 67LMT gps navigator.

Technical Specifications

Model Code
Screen Size
6.0 Inch
Screen Resolution
Screen Type
WVGA TFT with backlight
  • Foursquare Integration
  • Preloaded Maps
  • Lifetime free map updates
  • Traffic Warning
  • Lane Assist
  • Junction View
  • Speed Limit Indicator Warning
  • Direct Access
  • Trip Planner
  • Trip Log
Battery Life (when not connected to 12v socket)
1 hour
Dimensions (WxHxD)
6.6 x 3.7 x 0.8
8.6 oz.


  • Easy to use interface with map navigations notifications and features
  • Foursquare Integration
  • Lifetime free updates


  • Low resolution screen
  • Bad viewing angles at times

Would I recommend you to buy the Garmin NUVI 67LMT GPS?

Yes if you hate using your cellphone and afraid of losing battery life using your cellphone and with the Garming NUVI 67LMT you don't need internet connections because of the pre installed maps although you need to update it for new points of interest or newer landmarks.

Manuals, Guides or Instructions 

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