Monday, January 1, 2018

Terk Omntv1a HDTV Antenna Features, Specs and Manual


Enjoy high definition channels not thru cable but thru this antenna. Great for RV's that has a HDTV onboard. The Terk Omnitv1a can capture HDTV digital signals using its 360 technology and further enhances the signal strength for more quality viewing.

Tech Features

HDTV Compatible

You can pair this directly to your existing HDTV on your home without any converters or HDTV boxes, unless if your tv doesnt support HDTV yet you need to buy additional converters or HDTV boxes for it to work.

360 Multi-direction Reception

No more guessing where to aim the antenna direction because this has a 360° antenna direction meaning it can receive signal strength regardless of where you put or aim the antenna.

High Gain Pickup

With 10DB power of it can further increase the signal capturing strength. Even in remote areas there are higher chance of getting the signal versus the conventional antenna type.

Technical Specifications

Antenna Type
Indoor 360 Multi Directional
Output Type
Operation Bandwidth
  • 174 – 216 MHz (High/Alto VHF)
  • 470 – 698 MHz (UHF)
Amplifier Gain
10 DB
229mm x 247mm x 63mm
2.4 lbs.


  • Good signal reception for indoors
  • Multi directional antenna that can be place anywhere


  • Doesn't work on older tv unless you buy adapter or hdtv box

Would I buy this?

If im in a remote place with no cable television is existing this maybe the great option rather than using older type antennas

Who would I recommend this to?

The same as the reason above and for those who have RV that has HDTV in it this will be a excellent choice because it is indoor type and nobody can steal it.

Manuals, guides and Documentations

Download Terk Omnitv1a Manual

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