Thursday, June 28, 2018

Google NC2-6A5 Chromecast Features, Specs and Manual

Product Overview

Chromecast gives you the ability to play streaming videos directly on to your HDTV or mirror your smartphone. It can be connected to HDMI port on your TV and can also be powered up by USB port directly on the HDTV or with the supplied power adapter. As you play videos on the HDTV, you can use your smartphone as a remote to play or pause or while playing you can search a video and add it to the next video to be played.

Main Features

Streaming App Cast 

You can cast a certain video on apps that has a cast icon button. Play the video on the HDTV while you can also search and add a new video to the play queue. Most streaming video apps like Youtube, Netflix, Fox+ etc. support the cast feature with chromecast.

Smartphone Remote

While playing a video you can control the playback function on your smartphone, play, pause, skip or replay a video. In addition you can control the volume as well.

Mirror Your Smartphone

You can mirror your smartphone to view it on a large HDTV. Good for viewing saved pictures or video on your smartphone gallery.

Technical Specifications

Manufacturer Google
Model Chromecast
Model Code NC2-6A5
Special Features Phone mirroring
Video Output HDMI Plug
Power Input USB
Connectivity Wi-Fi
Maximum Resolution Output 1080
Smartphone Compatibility Android, iOS


  • Cheap price
  • Easy to use, direct casting


  • Only 1080p
  • Mirroring may not work on older phones


If you want to save money instead of buying a high end smart tv you can just purchase Google Chromecast. Basically it gives you the same smart streaming features just like a smart HDTV can also do. But the only downside is it can only output on a maximum of 1080p resolution nothing more. Anyway your old non-smart HDTV may not even output 4K from the start.


Google Chromecast NC2-6A5 User Manual

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