Monday, July 16, 2018

Razer RZ03-02520200-R3U1 Wired Keyboard Features, Specs and Manual

Product Overview

This Huntsman Elite wired keyboard from Razer is not just a ordinary gaming mechanical keyboard. It uses Opto mechanical switches that has input response time that is faster as a speed of light helpful on gaming when input latency can make or break on winning against opponents. Each keyboard buttons is LED customizable and has great durability on keystroke press.

Main Features


Completely different from mechanical switches, it uses light as the trigger when keystroke input is made thus making it the fastest response time that is great for gaming fast input response.

Programmable Keys

All of the 109 keys are programmable and the lighting of each keys can be change depending on the function in the game.

Multimedia Controls

Controls volume and media playback, very useful when playing on the game instead of pressing alt+tab.

10 Key Rollover

Has the ability to press 10 keys simultaneously with no ghosting effect

Gaming Mode

Only keys that are required for gaming are enabled, ensuring no other keys useless when pressed accidentally.

On-the-fly Macro

Program any keys while playing games without switching the settings while playing a game.

Palm Rest

The removable palm rest makes less strain on hands when playing or typing for longer period of times and has a lighting LED that can be configured.

Technical Specifications

Manufacturer Razer
Model Huntsman Elite Gaming Wired Keyboard
Model Code RZ03-02520200-R3U1
Keyboard Switch Type Wired Opto-Mechanical Razer Purple
Total Keys 109
  • Chroma Backlighting
  • 16.8 Million Customizable Colors
  • Individual Programmable LED
  • 4-Side Underglow
Special Features
  • Multi-Function Digital Dial
  • Hybrid On-Board Memory & Cloud Storage
  • Gaming Mode
  • On-the-fly Macro
  • Razer Hypershift
  • Razer Synapse 3
Maximum Key Rollovers
  • 10 Simultaneous Keys
Keyboard Build Material Matte Aluminum
Keystroke Lifespan 100 Million
Dimensions (H x W) 1.4 x 17.6 Inches
Weight 60.3 Ounces


  • Fastest input rate with no latency
  • It has many features that is concentrated for gaming
  • Built-in multimedia controls
  • Programmable RGB LED


  • Expensive
  • Not Wireless


If you need the ultimate keyboard for your gaming arsenal then the Razer Huntsman is the one. Maybe this is the most customizable or programmable keyboard out on the market today. With the opto mech switches are the most fastest response times on any other mechanical keyboards as of this writing. Although this is the wired version of the Huntsman, expect no wireless connectivity for this one


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