Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Samsung WA52M8650AV Washer Features, Specs and Manual

Samsung WA52M8650AV Overview

The Activewash top loader washer has a total of 5.2 cubic feet of capacity that can accommodate larger laundry batches and has Super Speed technology to make laundry faster but performs high in terms on cleaning your laundry. With the Vibration Reduction Technology the washer performs quietly even on high speed laundry cleaning mode.

Samsung WA52M8650AV Top Features


It has a built-in sink for pre treatment and presoak the laundry before the main laundry washing will begin.

Super Speed

Does full load of laundry within 36 minutes without sacrificing the ability to fully clean your clothes.

Vibration Reduction Technology

Performs quietly and minimizes vibrations that results into noise into much more quieter performance even on full capacity of the washer.

Smart Care

You can directly monitor and troubleshoot any problems you encounter on the washer using your smartphone by downloading the Samsung Smart Care app.

Self Clean

It automatically self clean the whole washer after doing laundry to eliminate any odors and dirt left after using the washer.

Integrated Controls

Here you can see the different settings and controls like 12 preset wash cycles and 9 options with a blue colored led display.

Direct Drive Motor

The motor operates directly without any gears or belts that may cause problems on future operation of the washer.

Samsung WA52M8650AV Technical Specifications

Manufacturer Samsung
Model ActiveWash
Model Code WA52M8650AV
Capacity 5.2 Cubic Feet
Wash Cycle Presets 12
Wash Cycle Options 9
Special Features
  • Activewash
  • Super Speed
  • Vibration Reduction Technology
  • Smart Care
  • Self Clean
  • EZ Drawer Dispenser
Motor Direct Drive Motor
Dryer Design Diamond Drum Design
Maximum Dryer Speed 800 Rounds per Minute
Washer Load Type Top Load
Dimensions (H x W x D) 42.4 x 27 x 29.3 Inches
Weight 136.7 Pounds


  • Faster yet efficient washing of laundry operation
  • Easy to use controls with the ability to connect smartphone
  • Larger laundry load capacity


  • It is quite loud 
  • Badly designed lid


The Samsung WA52M8650AV is a great washer with fast laundry washing performance with different options and wash cycles to choose from. But sadly even with the help of the Vibration Reduction Technology the motor makes noise and it is quite loud at times especially on full loads and when using the dryer. But it has smart features like you can connect your smartphone, thus making this washer a great buy.


Samsung WA52M8650AV 5.2 Cubic Feet Washer User Manual

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