Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Google GA00439-US Chromecast Features, Specs and Manual

GA00439-US Overview

If your HDTV or TV don't have smart feature and WiFi, the Google Chromecast to stream videos directly from your TV. It can also cast video coming from your Laptop, Smartphone or other compatible devices and it will output up to 1080P of video resolution. Without any remote you can command the Google Chromecast to start streaming or search for videos.

GA00439-US Top 5 Features

Casting Devices

You can cast/mirror your current video you play on your smartphone or laptop directly to the TV the Google Chromecast is currently plugged to. 

App Compatibility

Once the Google Chromecast is connected to your home WiFi connection there will be a tiny box shape icon on top of your app. It supports app like Youtube, Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go and much more.

Voice Recognition

Control, search or play just by using your voice without any need for a remote control and just using your smartphone Google Assistant.

Built-in WiFi

Doesn't completely rely on your smartphones WiFi connectivity, but it has a built-in WiFi to directly stream videos on the device itself.


Connect to your existing HDTV with HDMI port and supports up to 1080p of video output.

GA00439-US Technical Specifications

Manufacturer Google
Model Chromecast
Model Code GA00439-US
Maximum Resolution Output 1080P (1920 x 1080)
Special Features
  • Phone mirroring and casting
  • HDR
  • Google Assistant Compatible
Video Output HDMI Plug
Power Input USB
Connectivity Wi-Fi
Smartphone Compatibility Android, iOS


  • Easy to use and Plug-and-Play setup
  • Cast smartphones and laptops
  • Works on non-smart HDTV


  • Must be connected on the same WiFi network
  • Only has 1080p of maximum resolution


The Google Chromecast is a cheap way to upgrade your TV that has HDMI into a smart streaming TV that can play online videos from Youtube, Netflix or other compatible applications that supports casting. The only downside that I can see is the 1080p of resolution, most of the videos today can stream for up to 4K or 2160p.



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