Thursday, November 1, 2018

Amazon B0792KTHKJ Echo Dot Features, Specs and Manual

Echo Dot Overview

This is the improved 3rd generation of the Amazon Echo Dot series which features a voice assistant that is powered by Amazon Alexa and a multi-room feature. This 3rd generation Echo Dot has more improved features and hardware versus the previous generation of Echo Dot including a much more sensitive mic pickup and much more compatibility of other devices.

Echo Dot Top 5 Features

Voice Recognition

Automatically recognizes your voice for using it as an assistant, music playback, control other smart devices using the Alexa. The Alexa is a intelligent voice recognition system that learns from your wants and can predict or suggest any related information.

Music Speaker

It can be used as your personal speaker for your room or wherever you want to take it. It can play music from your device or from online streaming services.

Alexa App

You can download this free app over the playstore for much more control from the Echo device such as settings and future firmware updates.

Bluetooth Connectivity

You can directly and easily pair your smartphone through this Echo Dot device and you can use it as a Bluetooth Speaker for your music or movies.

Line Out

You can use line out jack if you want to connect the Echo Dot to a existing speakers on your home for a louder listening experience.

Echo Dot Technical Specifications

Manufacturer Amazon
Model Echo Dot 3rd Generation
Model Code B0792KTHKJ
  • Voice Recognition
  • Alexa Enabled
  • Multi-Room
  • Alarm Clock Functions
Connectivity Bluetooth and Wifi
No. of Microphones 3
Speaker Size 1.6”
  • 1x Power Port
  • 1x 3.5mm Auxiliary (Speaker Out)
Power Rating 15 Watts
Dimensions 3.9 x 3.9 x 1.7 Inches
Weight 10.6 oz.


  • Easy to use voice recognition system
  • Great sound quality


  • Non so far

Price Range: $49 to $55 (USD)


The new 3rd generation Echo Dot packs a punch of improvements specially in the sound quality of the speakers considering this is a small device to begin with. Now it has a mult-room feature  that allows you to connect to other Echo Dot devices or any smart gadgets that supports it. It has fewer mics but still can pickup your voice even if you are far apart from the Echo Dot device. Overall I recommend this to those who love the previous generations of Echo Dot devices because of its price and improvements.


Amazon Echo Dot B0792KTHKJ with Alexa User Guide

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