Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Asus E203MA-TBCL232A Laptop Features, Specs and Manual

E203MA-TBCL232A Overview

The small and compact laptop made by Asus that feature a simple performing Intel Celeron processor but it is energy efficient that can last up to 10 hours of normal usage. It is coupled with 2GB of RAM for basic multitasking and has 32GB of internal storage, expandable using the memory card slot.

E203MA-TBCL232A Top 5 Features

Here are some of the best features of the Asus 11.6 Inch laptop.

11.6 Inch 720p Display

The 1366 by 768 of total resolution will look sharp on the compact 11.6 inch ultra portable display that will easily fit on the bag. The screen is just right if you are watching online streaming videos or movies for up to 720p quality.

Intel Celeron Processor

It might lose on performance but it will win on battery efficiency because this dual-core processor requires less voltage to operate.


This can do simple multitasking light programs like Microsoft Office and opening several web browsers without the slowing down of the operating system.

32GB Internal Memory

The eMMC memory is just right size to store some of your pictures, videos and apps but it can be expanded using the built-in memory card reader.

HDMI Output

If you need to view it on a larger screen you can always use the HDMI port to output it into larger screen or projector for presentation or entertainment.

E203MA-TBCL232A Technical Specifications

Manufacturer Asus
Model E203MA-TBCL232A
Processor Intel Celeron N400
Processor Speed 1.1 GHz Dual-Core
Graphics Intel UHD Graphics 600
Screen Size 11.6" Inch LED
Screen Resolution 1366 x 768 HD
Operating System Windows 10
Speakers Dual Stereo Speakers
  • 32 GB eMMC
  • 1x HDMI Output
  • 2x USB 2.0
  • 1x USB Type-C
  • 1x Headphone/Microphone Jack
  • Memory Card Reader
Connectivity Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
Battery 2-cell Lithium-Polymer
Weight 2.2 Pounds
Dimensions (H x W x D) 0.7 x 11.3 x 7.6 inches


  • Small and ultra portable
  • Reasonably priced for the features
  • Great battery life


  • Slow processor
  • Only 32GB of internal memory
  • Can only do basic multitasking

Price Range: $160 to $179 (USD)


The E203MA-TBCL232A is not a very bad laptop if you intend it to use it for encoding, writing or simple browsing because it is designed just for that. This laptop focuses on portability and easy online access wherever you need it. But the downside is the small storage of 32GB and it may fill up once you do constant Windows Update (Tip: You must do disk cleanup and clean the windows update files before updating)


Asus E203MA-TBCL232A 11.6" Inch Laptop User Manual

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