Thursday, December 20, 2018

iRobot B240020 Braava Jet 240 Features, Specs and Manual

Braava Jet 240 Overview

This is the smart cleaner robot that can be app controlled using a smartphone. It can clean wet or dry surfaces using sweeping and mopping function combinations. With thhe virtual wall mode it can create a certain area that only it will clean.

Braava Jet 240 Top 5 Features

These are the functions that highlights the Braava Jet 240 by iRobot

1. Mopping and Sweeping Function

It can work on both dry and wet surface areas like bare floor, tiles, hardwood flooring etc. Weather it is a liquid mess or dirt the iRobot can clean them all.

2. Virtual Wall Mode

Create a virtual cleaning area to a certain spot in the house and it will only stay and clean that area. Suitable for certain spot cleaning and avoiding curious pet zones.

3. App Controlled

Control the iRobot just by downloading the smart app on the smartphone and connect it via bluetooth connection.

4. Precision Jet Spray

Uses a jet spray to clean a certain spot on the floor for easier hard stain removal ideal for carpet cleaning.

5. 2000mah Battery

Last for up to 120 minutes of non-stop floor cleaning and low battery notifications are automatically sent over the app.

Braava Jet 240 Technical Specifications

Manufacturer Irobot
Model Braava Jet 240
Series Braava Jet 200 Series
Model Code B240020
Cleaning Method
  • Dry and Wet
  • Mop and Sweep
Connectivity Bluetooth
Special Features
  • App Controlled
  • Precision Jet Spray
Power 7.1 Watts
Maximum Runtime 120 Minutes
Battery Capacity 2000mah
Charging Time 120 Minutes
Noise Level 60 Decibels
Dimensions (H x L x W) 3.3 x 6.7 x 7 Inches


  • Automated floor cleaning
  • App connectivity
  • Dry and Wet cleaning


  • Not the perfect cleaning job
  • No wifi connectivity

Price Range: $150 to $170 (USD)

Major Selling Point: Automatic floor dry or wet cleaning.


If you are a type of person who is either lazy or always busy on other things and doesn't have time cleaning your home floor. Then the iRobot Braava Jet 240 may be at your help because it can be controlled over a bluetooth wireless technology but too bad it doesn't have a wifi connectivity. It decently cleans various floor areas but it is not perfect compared to just using a mop or sweeper. The price is reasonable for the functions that it serve.


iRobot B240020 Braava Jet 240 Smart Robot Cleaner User Manual

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