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Sony 3003868 Playstation Classic Features, Specs and Manual

Playstation Classic Overview

This is the miniature version remake of the original Playstation made by Sony that looks exactly as the original version but it is 45% smaller. There is no cdrom drive but instead there is 20 games pre-installed and it has a HDMI port to connect it to the HDTV.

Playstation Classic Top 5 Features

Here are the top feature highlights of the classic remake of the Playstation.

  • Miniature Original Classic Design

Looks exactly the same as the original but 45% smaller and has no cdrom drive obviously since it is small. But the aesthetics are pretty accurate including the logos and buttons.

  • Two Wired Controllers

Small but can still accommodate 2 player gaming mode with another player at the same screen and console just like the original Playstation.

  • Built-in 20 Games

Includes the top best games on the Playstation release at that time these includes the following:
Final Fantassy VII Jumping Flash
Grand Theft Auto Intelligent Qube
Ridge Racer Type 4 Tekken 3
Wild Arms Battle Arena Toshinden
Cool Boarders 2 Destruction Derby
Metal Gear Solid Mr. Driller
Odd World Persona
Rayman Syphon Filter
Resident Evil: Director's Cut Super Fighter II Turbo
Tom Clancy: Rainbow Six Twisted Metal

  • Virtual Memory Card

Instead of a physical memory card, this classic version has the virtual memory card that can save games right on the console itself.

  • HDMI Output Port

Can work on any HDTV with the available standard size HDMI port for a bigger screen gaming.

Playstation Classic Technical Specifications

Manufacturer Sony
Model Playstation Classic
Model Code 3003868
Pre-Built Games 20
Saving Method Virtual Memory Card
No. of Controllers Included 2
  • Power
  • Reset
  • Select Game
  • HDMI
  • Power
Included Accessories
  • 2x Controllers
  • 1x HDMI Cable
Dimensions (H x W x L) 8.88 x 9.07 x 3.75 Inches
Weight 2.28 Pounds


  • Reminiscence of the original Playstation console
  • Pre-built 20 games
  • Can work on any HDTV's with HDMI
  • Included 2 controllers


  • Known PAL/NTSC region issues

Price Point: $90 to $100 (USD)

Major Selling Point: Classic miniature console game and nostalgia.


If you are a original playstation gamer and need to bring back memories of playing it. Why not try this console since it has the top 20 games that are released on this console decades ago. Saving is no problem any more since this has a virtual memory card and it can work on any HDTV because it has HDMI output port and cable is included. The only issue that has been reported is the PAL/NTSC format that may not work on your current HDTV or may have glitches and latency while playing.


Playstation Classic 3003868  Gaming Console

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