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Samsung MX-H730 Audio System Features, Specs and Manual

MX-730 Overview

This is a special 2.1 channel mini audio system made by Samsung. It can play from any media sources including bluetooth, USB, line inputs directly onto the speaker with 600 watts of output. It can turn on automatically when your smartphone is within range and it has a special football mode speaker output to emulate a live stadium like sound output.

MX-730 Top 5 Features

1. 600 Watts of Total Power

More than powerful to fill up a large room with sound and good bass that is almost perfect to use as a soundbar like speaker for your HDTV.

2. Bluetooth Wireless Connectivity

It can connect any smartphones without any wires because the MX-H730 has a bluetooth wireless technology built in to the speaker unit.

3. Football Mode

Enhances the current sound source for a much more stadium like quality as if you are inside the game.

4. Automatic Power On

When on standby mode the MX-H730 automatically recognizes the smartphone register for a instant connection at the same time powering the sound system.

5. Multi Sound Source Input

It can accept any devices like smartphones, usb thumbdrives/flash disks, line input etc. and play them directly on to the Samsun MX-H730 mini audio system.

MX-H730 Technical Specifications

Manufacturer Samsung
Model MX-H730
Total Power 600 Watts
Channels 2.1 Channel
Special Features
  • Football Mode
  • Auto Change
  • CD Drive
  • My Karaoke
  • Bluetooth Power On
Connectivity Bluetooth
Audio Sound Modes
  • Football Mode
Audio Technologies
  • Cystal Amplifier Plus
  • MP3 Enhancer
  • 2x USB Port
  • 1x Aux In
  • 1x Mic In
Dimensions (W x H x D)
  • 200 x 304 x 252 mm (Net)
  • 4.75 KG (Net weight)


  • Easy to use and setup
  • Loud 600 Watts of Speaker Power


  • Only has 2.1 channel
  • Cheap plastic built quality

Major Selling Point: Well priced and compact size


Before soundbars makes into the mainstream market, there is this mini audio system that can be used on HDTV and has a football mode that can give a stadium sound quality output. The whole audio system si flexible with any source because it has bluetooth connectivity, usb input and line inputs and this system will look nice on the shelves or beside your TV.


Samsung MX-H730 Mini Audio System User Guide

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