Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Panther Vision PowerCap 35/55 Features and Specs


Not your ordinary beany but it has built-in LED 48 lumens of  lights for visibility and can run up to 68 hours of lighting time. It is very comfortable and will fit most size, made with 97% Polyester and 3% Spandex material.

PowerCap Beanie Top Features

1. Built-in LED Lamp

Aside from keeping your head warm especially during winter seasons or cold weathers. This beanie has a neat set of LED lights that keeps you visible and can see what in front of you in dark conditions.

2. 48-Lumen Output

Bright enough to see and bee seen meters away.

3. Up to 68 Hours of Lighting

The battery last for more than a week of regular night time usage.

4. CR2032 Batteries

Powered by CR2032 batteries that are also very common on digital watches.

CUBWB-4553 Technical Specifications

Manufacturer Panther Vision
Model PowerCap 35/55 Beanie
Model Code CUBWB-4553
Special Features - Built-in LED Lights
Light Output Power 48 Lumens
Number of LED 2
Number of Batteries 4
Type of Batteries CR2032
Battery Life Up to 68 Hours
Material Used Polyester and Spandex
SKU 811465004553


  • It has built-in LED lights
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Bright LED


  • Replacing the battery is fiddly

Price Range: $21 to $23 (USD)


For this you get 2-in-1 on what you paid for. It can serve as a flashlight on dark situations while keeping your head warm. This is also a perfect gift for a outdoorsy type of person that he/she can take it while hiking/camping or for your kids so that they will be visible especially on the roads at night.

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