Tuesday, March 19, 2019

PNY Geforce GTX 1060 Graphics Card Features, Specs and Manual


This is the Geforce GTX 1060 that is made by PNY that can give a excellent performance on you CPU especially when gaming. It can run most triple "A" title games and has the capability to be overclocked. It has a total of 6 GB of video memory and can reach speeds for up to 1708 megahertz on boost mode.

PNY Geforce GTX 1060 Top 4 Features

1. GPU Boost

Gives additional boost of graphic performance on demand at it can add more than 200 megahertz of speed for additional gaming performance.

2. 6GB Video Memory

More than enough to run the most intensive graphic resource hog games and will not experience any lag or hangs.

3. 4K HD Resolution Support

Supports 3840 by 2160 of maximum resolution that is best used for your 4K gaming monitor or it can also output on your HDTV at home.

4. PCI Express 3.0

The PCI express 3.0 allows for a much more data bandwidth between the video card and the CPU making it perform faster in any application like gaming or even video editing.

PNY GeForce 1060 Specifications

Manufacturer PNY
Model Geforce GTX 1060
Video Card Memory 6GB
GPU Clock Speed 1506 megahertz
GPU Boost Speed 1708 megahertz
Interface PCI Express 3.0
Slot Size Dual Size
Recommended Power Supply 400 Watts
Maximum Display Supported 4
  • DVI-D
  • Display Port
  • HDMI
Cooling System Fan
Dimensions (H x W x L) 9.92 x 1.52 x 4.4 Inches
Weight 2.5 Pounds


  • Excellent gaming performance
  • Can output 4K
  • Reasonably priced
  • Easy to install


  • Not package well

Major Selling Point: For gaming and easy setup


If you need a good value for your money on video card then this is the one for you. It can run most triple class "A" games and current games without slowing down and it can also provide a boost in performance when needed. The best thing is that this video card can also output in 4K resolution.


PNY Geforce GTX 1060 Video Card User Guide

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