Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Ring 88RG000FC600 Video Doorbell Features, Specs and Manual


The Ring Doorbell is a smart video doorbell that has wifi and you can view it remotely using your smartphone and see who's infront of your door. It also has a infrared LED so that you can see even on dark or low light conditions the face of your visitor or possibly an intruder infront of your doorstep.

Ring Doorbell Top 5 Features

1. Smartphone Compatibility

It can work on both Android or iOS devices and don't worry about compatibility anymore.

2. Wi-Fi Connectivity

Can connect to your home's WiFi connection for a wireless transmittance of live video feed, alerts or status of your ring doorbell.

3. Infrared LED

It can see in low light conditions or in complete darkness with the help of the infrared LED that are built-in into the doorbell itself.

4. View or Receive Alerts Remotely

It can send you alerts or notifications even when your not home as long as your smartphone is connected to the internet or data services you can view a live feed of video or alerts.

5. Wide Angle Camera Lens

The wide angle lens provides a whole view of your front door with no deadspots or cropped shots.

88RG000FC600 Technical Specifications

Manufacturer Ring
Model Video Doorbell
Model Code 88RG000FC600
Special Features
  • Premium monitoring services
  • Wireless notifications and alerts
  • Auto recording
Camera Resolution 720p
Camera Lens Wide Angle
Nigh Vision Infrared
Microphone 2-Way
Connectivity WiFi
Smartphone Compatibility Android, iOS
Power Source Battery or Wired
Compatible With Alexa and Google Assistant
Dimensions (H x W) 6.2 x 12 Inches
Weight 0.3 Pounds


  • Wireless alerts and notifications
  • Smartphone App compatibility
  • Reasonably priced


  • Dropping of connection on low wifi signal
  • Sometimes it can cause false alarms
  • Delay on live video feed

Major Selling Point: All in one device for doorbell and security combined.

Price Point: $90 to $99 (USD)


If you need a good doorbell with a built-in security camera then the Ring doorbell is the one to buy costing only under a $100 dollars you can get value for your money instead of purchasing separate camera and doorbell for your front/main door in your house. The neat feature is it has wifi connectivity that can send wireless alerts and live footage on your smartphone.

Ring 88RG000FC600 Security Doorbell User Guide

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