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Alienware AWAUR8-7608SLV-PUS Aurora R8 Features, Specs and Manual


In terms of gaming desktop computer the Alienware system will never disappoint a true hard core gamer with a deep pocket. The Aurora R8 has Intel Core i7 processor together with a powerful NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 and a 16GB of RAM will make sure that it will run the most latest games available on the market. This desktop also has dual type storage a combination of 256GB SSD and 1TB of SATA HDD. It also has 5 USB ports for your devices/peripherals including a 1 SuperSpeed 10 gigabytes per second USB 3.1 port for ultra fast file transfer speeds.

Aurora R8 Top 5 Features

1. Intel Core i7 Processor

The i7-8700 processor is from the 8th generation Intel processors that is perfect for gaming that also has a Turbo Boost technology that adds extra power when on full processor load on all its 6 cores.

2. NVIDIA Geforce RTX 2080

One of the most powerful and capable video cards that is intended for gaming or high definition video editing. It has a total of 6 gigabytes GDDR6 memory that will make higher frame rates even on very high settings.

3. 16GB DDR4 RAM

Fast and plentiful of RAM will never make this computer slow. The DDR4 memory is one of the fastest RAM and it can also be upgraded with the available RAM slots.

4. Combo Storage

This gaming desktop has two type of storage, one is the SSD which has a total of 256 gigabytes of storage it is recommended for storing the operating system and your favorite games because SSD has a faster transfer speeds and loading times. While the 1 terabyte hard disk drive is where you can store your important files, videos, downloads, etc.

5. SuperSpeed Port

It has 1 USB 3.0 port that is SuperSpeed enabled and can reach 10 Gigabits per second of transfer rate. This is perfect when transfering large files like 4K videos for later editing.

AWAUR8-7608SLV-PUS Technical Specifications

Manufacturer Alienware
Model AWAUR8-7608SLV-PUS
Processor Intel Core i7-8700 8th Gen 6 Cores
Processor Speed
  • 3.2 GHz (Base)
  • 4.3 GHz (Turbo Boost)
GPU Memory 8GB GDDR6
  • 1000GB HDD SATA
  • 256GB SSD
Sound 7.1 Channel
Connectivity Wifi and Ethernet
Operating System Windows 10
Operating System Architecture 64-Bit
Cooling System Liquid Cooled
Expansion Slots
  • 1x 3.5” Bays
  • 2x 2.5” Bays
  • 2x PCI-E x4 Slots
  • 2x PCI-E x16 Slots
  • 13x USB Ports
  • 1x USB SuperSpeed
  • 1x HDMI Output
  • 1x Ethernet Port
Dimensions (H x W x D) 18.6 x 8.3 x 14.2 Inches
Weight 32.7 Pounds
UPC 884116314608


  • Specially built for gaming
  • Future upgradeable slots
  • Excellent built quality


  • Pricey

Price Range: $1,899.99 (sale price) to $2,299.99 (regular price)


The Alienware brand is considered as one of the best gaming system on the market today Aurora R8 is one of its products that delivers almost a perfect gaming desktop computer. It has the latest processor and video card that can handle the most latest games out on the market. Aside from gaming this desktop also shines when using it as a video editing rig because it has 1 usb 3.0 that is capable of transferring large HD video files from any devices. If you are after the branding, reliability and after sales support the premium price can be ignored.


Alienware AWAUR8-7608SLV-PUS Aurora R8 Gaming Desktop User Guide

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