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Coravin 100010 Model Two Wine System Features, Specs and Manual


This is a special device for wine lovers that can open the wine without removing the cork. It uses a needle that pierces to the cork to allow wine to flow and be poured on the glass. When the needle is removed it automatically reseals it and the cork still remains on the bottle to preserve the wine for the next serving. It has special capsules that can provide pressure when serving and it also helps on the preservation of the wine.

Two Wine System Top 5 Features

1. Coravin Wine Needle

This is the special feature for this device that pierces through the cork without removing it to allow flow from the inside bottle to be poured on glasses. It can reseal the bottle of wine when the needle is removed to preserved the contents of the wine for the next serving.

2. Powerfit Clamp

Provides a secure clamping to different kind of bottle sizes and it has a easy-to-squeeze to pour the inside contents of the wine.

3. Load Cell Technology

The Capsules included provides a air-tight seal inside the bottle without removing the cork thus preserving the contents and can have a longer shelf life compared to a bottle that has the cork removed.

4. Capsules

Theses are the replaceable capsules that provides air tight seal inside the bottle without removing the cork. The capsules last up to 15 5-ounces of glass pouring.

5. 25-29 Seconds Pour Speed

Good enough for delicate pouring on a 5-oz wine glass.

100010 Technical Specifications

Manufacturer Coravin
Model Model Two Wine System
Model Code 100010
Special Features
  • Wine Needle
  • Load Cell Technology
  • Powerfit Clamp
  • Coravin Capsules
Pour Speed 25-29 Seconds on 5 oz. Glass
Capsule Life Up to 15 5oz. Glass
Included in the Package
  • 2 Coravin Capsules
  • Needle Clearing Tool
  • Coravin Wine Bottle Sleeve
Dimensions (W x L x H) 5.5 x 2.5 x 8.25 Inches
Weight 0.98 Pounds
UPC 858976004665


  • Easy to use and clamp
  • Preserves wine by resealing


  • The capsules are hefty to replace

Price Range: $290 to $300 (USD)


This device is for wine lovers that wants their wine to be preserved and has better shelf life because this device won't removed the cork but it inserts a hollow needle to allow pouring. The capsules also helps because it will not allow oxygen inside the bottle to enter, but they will not last longer and needed to be bought and replaced if you are a regular drinker.


Coravin 100010 Model Two Wine Pouring System User Guide

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