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Coravin 100015 One Wine System Features, Specs and Manual


This wine system from Coravin has a unique way of opening the wine without removing the cork. It uses a needle to pierce through the cork letting the contents of the wine to be poured. Then after pouring it can be resealed using the Coravin capsules to preserved the remaining contents of the wine for later consumption.

Coravin Model One Top 5 Features

1. Coravin Wine Needle

This needle pierces through the cork without removing it allowing to be poured easily while maintaining the cork placed on the bottle for resealing.

2. Load Cell Technology

After wine pouring and usage of the Coravin wine system this creates a secure seal after the needle retracted. It prolongs the taste of the wine inside the bottle for later drinking.

3. Properfit Clamp

Ensures a secure grip on the bottle without any slippage or mishandling.

4. Coravin Capsule

This is the special feature of the wine system. This can create a pressure seal inside the wine bottle after pouring, using a pressurize argon gas inside the wine bottle will prolong and will not change the taste of the wine when stored in longer time.

5. Soft-Touch Grip

This allows for a secure yet comfortable grip while using the one wine system from Coravin.

100015 Technical Specifications

Manufacturer Coravin
Model Model One Wine System
Model Code 100015
Special Features
  • Wine Needle
  • Load Cell Technology
  • Powerfit Clamp
  • Coravin Capsules
Pour Speed 25-29 Seconds on 5 oz. Glass
Capsule Life Up to 15 5oz. Glass
Included in the Package
  • 2 Coravin Capsules
  • Needle Clearing Tool
Dimensions (W x L x H) 5.5 x 3 x 8.25 Inches
Weight 1.07 Pounds
UPC 854318006403


  • Easy to use 
  • Preserves wine


  • The capsules are easily emptied
  • Expensive

Price Range: $150 to $200 (USD)

The Coravin one wine system is a great way to preserve your precious wine at home with an easy to use and operate pouring system then automatically seals the wine after using a special capsule that has argon gas on it. If you have expensive wine then this system will not be an expensive buy for you. But if you have cheaper wine then don't buy this, this is a complete waste of money.

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Coravin 100015 Model One Wine System User Guide

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