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Honda ACJCHLS200 Jackery Power Station Features, Specs and Manual


The Honda Jackery is a portable/emergency power station which can charge different type of devices like smartphones, laptops etc. It has a built-in 58,000mah rated at 208 watt hour battery which can be charge up to 5 hours. It also has a built-in LCD display to show the remaining battery life and the discharge and charge status.

HLS200 Top 5 Features

1. 58,000mah Battery

A very large capacity battery that can charge multiple devices and can last longer. This is perfect for camping or emergency situations.

2. Output Ports

Here are the available ports and rated amperage that can be used on this device.

  • 6mm DC Port (12 Volts, 10 Amps)
  • AC Port (100 Watts, 150 Watts Maximum)
  • USB-C Port (5 Volts, 3 Amps)
  • Two USB Ports (5 Volts, 2.4 Amps)

3. LCD Display

Shows the current status of the battery like the percentage, charge and discharge status, this is useful for monitoring the battery.

4. Surge and Short Circuit Protection

Ensures protection over plugged and charged devices on this portable power station.

5. 5 Hours Charging Time

Charges the large 58,000mah battery which is amazingly quick considering the large battery capacity

HLS200 Technical Specifications

Manufacturer Honda
Model Jackery
Model Code ACJCHLS200 / HLS200
Battery Capacity 58,000mah
Battery Type Lithium Ion
Voltage 110 Volts
Charging Time 5 Hours
Safety Features
  • Surge Protection
  • Short-Circuit Protection
Display LCD Display
Output Ports
  • 6mm DC Port (12V, 10 amps)
  • AC Port (100W, 60Hz, Up to 150 Watts)
  • USB-C (5 Volts, 3 amps)
  • Two USB ports (5 Volts, 2.4 amps)
Dimensions (H x L x W) 3.93 x 7.32 x 6.2 Inches
Weight 3.86 Pounds
UPC 854275007604


  • Portable & Lightweight
  • Perfect for camping or emergency situations
  • Large capacity battery


  • Only 1 USB Type-C port

Price Range: $190 to $200 (USD)


If you need a portable charging station that can accommodate and charge different type of devices then this Honda HLS200 Jackery can do that for you. The large capacity battery can ensure a lot of charging time for any devices like smartphones, laptops, camping lamps etc. This is also perfect for RV's, camping, or emergency power supply on power outages. It is ultra portable and lightweight can be carried around.


Honda ACJCHLS200 Jackery 58,000mah Portable Power Station User Guide

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