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Anker B1281H11-1 PowerCore Metro Features, Specs and Manual


This is the Anker charging kit that includes a 20,000mah power bank with led wheel battery indicator and a fast 18 watt USB charger with USB-C to USB-C type cable. Compatible with any devices like smartphones, speakers or gadgets that supports USB type C or type A port and can quickly charge them if the device supports fast charging but it will default to normal charging if it doesn't support it.

PowerCore Metro Top 5 Features

1. Charging Kit

This whole kit includes a powerbank and a charging adapter that both can provide fast charging for USB enabled devices.

2. 20,000mah Powerbank Capacity

Large capacity powerbank that can provide days of power for your gadgets and smartphone. With fast charge capability and can quickly charge any devices.

3. Blue Led Light Wheel Indicator

Shows the current battery percentage by using cool-blue LED lights on a circle pattern for easy reading.

4. 18 Watt Fast Charging

Quickly charge a fast charging enabled phone via the provided USB type C cable with triple charging mode which includes the trickle charging mode for low power devices.

5. Fabric and Matte Exterior

Soft to the touch and look nice without any shiny surfaces that attracts fingerprint very easily.

B1281H11-1 Technical Specifications

Manufacturer Anker
Model PowerCore Metro PD
Model Code B1281H11-1
Included in the Package
  • 20,000mah Powerbank
  • 18 Watt Wall Adapter
  • USB-C to USB-C Cable
  • Travel Pouch
Charging Power 18 Watts
Cable Interface USB Type A and USB Type C
Compatibility Universal
Battery Percentage Indicator Blue LED
Powerbank Capacity 20,000 miliamperes
Charging Ports 2
Voltage Auto 110 to 220 Volts
Weight 0.9 Pounds
Outer Finish Matte and Fabric
UPC 848061060225


  • All-in-one charging device, power bank + wall charger
  • Easy to use 
  • Quick charging
  • Compatible with most smartphones and devices
  • Cheap

  • Only LED light indicator for battery status
  • The Fabric exterior can easily attract dirt

Price Range: $70 to $90 (USD)

This Anker PowerCore Metro is an all in one device for your charging needs whether you use it for travel or at home this is all that you need because it has a powerbank and a wall charger in one package. The best feature for this package is the quick charging option that quickly your compatible devices that supports quick charging feature. The matte and fabric exterior looks good and premium compared to other powerbank that has a plasticky outer shell. Overall I would recommend this product because it got all that you need for charging your devices.


Anker B1281H11-1 PowerCore Metro PD User Manual & Warranty

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