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Samsung SM-F700UZKDXAA Galaxy Z Flip Features, Specs and Manual


This is the first look at the premium flip phone made by Samsung. The Galaxy Z flip is the predecessor to the controversial Galaxy Fold. The Galaxy Z flip is a smartphone size folding phone with 6.7-inch of flexible AMOLED display. The phone is on the flagship model which includes a powerful Snapdragon 855+ processor with 8 gigabytes of RAM, so expect this smartphone on the high-end performance range including the whopping 256 gigabytes of internal storage. There is also a small external screen that can display various information like time, notifications, battery and even acting as a mirror when doing selfies.

Galaxy Z Flip Top 5 Features

1. Flexible Screen

The panel (including the touch screen) is made up of a flexible material that can withstand the bending of the screen without breaking. Allowing for a compact smartphone when folded that will easily fit in any pocket without worrying about breaking it.

2. Qualcomm 855+ Processor

One of the most powerful snapdragon processor and it is carried by most flagship smartphones out on the market as of this writing. It can play and run the latest games on the highest settings without any hiccups. Plus it is efficient on the battery on light usage.

3. 256 GB Internal Memory

Never run out of internal storage and can store most of games, apps, pictures, music, videos etc. The octa-core processor and the 8gb RAM, together with works perfectly for multitasking and keeps the phone smooth and free from lags and crashes.

4. 6.7" Dynamic AMOLED Screen

Vibrant and striking colors and deep blacks is what the AMOLED screen is known for and the ultrathin glass display is flexible thus enabling it to be folded without damaging the screen. It flips easily and can be put on a bag or pocket for portability compared to a single block smartphone design that doesn't flip.

5. Cover Display

This can display information, notifications and time on the smartphone without unfolding it for a quick glance. It can also be used as a secondary screen when using the camera for selfies.

SM-F700UZKDXAA Technical Specifications

Manufacturer Samsung
Model Galaxy Z-Flip
Model Code SM-F700UZKDXAA
Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Octa-Core
Internal Storage 256GB
Screen Size
  • 6.7 Inch
Screen Type Dynamic AMOLED HD
Screen Resolution 1080 x 2636
Android Version Android 10
Wireless Connectivity WiFi, Bluetooth and NFC
Front Facing Camera - 10 Megapixels
Rear Facing Camera
  • 12 Megapixel
Charging Technology
  • Wireless Charging (Qi)
Battery Type Lithium-Ion
Battery Capacity 3300mah
UPC 887276394022


  • Flip design
  • Excellent screen quality
  • Fast Snapdragon CPU


  • Price
  • The screen is not made from glass
  • Only 3300mah battery capacity

Price Range: $1,300 to $1,350 (USD) w/ Activation

The Samsung Galaxy Flip Z is redemption to the failed  Galaxy fold because of the improved design that looks durable and promising to what the previous failure of Samsung folding smartphone. Since it has the flagship performance, expect a flagship price tag that is not cheap. I will also include that the screen is not glass it is some kind of plastic that can still be scratched on sharp objects. But still this is a unique design for a smartphone and it deserves praise in terms of performance.


Samsung SM-F700UZKDXAA Galaxy Z-Flip User Guide (Website)

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