Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Yeti Microphones 988-000105 Blue Yeti X Features, Specs and Manual


This is a condenser type stereo microphone that can be plug and play into a computer this can be used to record sound and especially used on online streaming. It has a four-capsule array for greater sound recording focus and quality voice recording all can be monitored using the high-res LED metering for voice level and there are also LED lighting for ambient lighting while gaming. There are also controls on the mic for easy adjustments. This microphone is compatible with Mac or Windows operating system and it includes a microphone stand in the package.

Yeti X Top 5 Features

1. Four-Capsule Array

Multiple array microphones offer flexibility yet with a greater focus for high-quality voice recording while streaming or podcasting.

2. LED Metering

It has an 11-segment LED meter to show the current voice levels if it is too high or low for a quick adjustment or monitoring.

3. On Mic Controls

On the mic there are controls that easily accessed like mute, volume, gain, blend control and it has a special knob that can be programmed to do a specific adjustment quickly on the fly.

4. Dual Compatibility and Plug-and-Play

It is compatible both with Windows and Mac operating systems and it is plug-and-play without the need of installing a driver software.

5. RGB Lighting

Customizable RGB lighting that can be set depending on what the user would like or match its current gaming setup.

988-000105 Technical Specifications

Manufacturer Blue Microphone
Model Yeti X
Model Code 988-000105
OS Compatibility
  • Windows
  • iOS
Plug USB Plug and Play
Special Features
  • Four-Capsul Array
  • RGB Lighting
  • 11-Segment LED Monitoring
  • Volume
  • Gain
  • Mute
  • Blend Controls
Polar Pattern
  • Stereo Pattern
Minimum Frequency Response 20 Hertz
Maximum Frequency Response 20 Kilohertz
Mounting Microphone Stand
Weight 1.14 Pounds
UPC 836213000441


  • Easy to use and plug-and-play setup
  • Good sound recording quality


  • Cheap built quality

The Yeti X is a good microphone to use if you are into game streaming but it can also be used for podcasting too. The controls are easy to use and can be programmed for on-demand adjustments. It also has LED lighting including the metering and RGB for customization of colors that can match your current gaming setup. The only downside is it feels cheap especially the built quality.


Yeti Microphones Blue Yeti X 988-000105 User Guide

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