Thursday, April 1, 2021

Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 Camera Features, Specs and Manual

 Quick Overview

This is an old-school-style instant film camera that can quickly process a photo taken with automatic exposure for less fiddling with the settings. It also has a selfie mode with a one-touch operation and a debossed Instax logo. It is powered by AA batteries and it comes with two shutter button accessories.

Here are the Top 5 Features of the Instax Mini 11:

1. Automatic Exposure

It can calculate the speed of the shutter depending on the available light and it adjusts accordingly to provide correctly exposed images without any settings.

2. AA Battery Source

It is powered by two AA-size batteries which are readily available in any store and they are cheap.

3. One Touch Selfie Mode

With a simple touch of a button, the Instax Mini can quickly capture a selfie.

4. Compatible with Fujifilm Instax Mini Film

The film that is used by this Instax camera is readily available and it is compatible with the previous generation of Instax cameras.

5. Shutter Button Accessories

It comes with a glow-in-the-dark and jewel button to style it depending on what the user's like.

Instax Mini 11 Technical Specifications




Instax Mini 11

Model Code


Film Type

Instax Mini

Special Features

  • Automatic Exposure Control

  • One-Touch Selfie Mode

  • Debossed Instax Logo

Shutter Speed

1/60 Speed



Flash Range

1.97 – 8.86 Feet

Maximum Aperture


Minimum Aperture


Picture Size (L x W)

2.44 x 1.81 Inches

Dimensions (W x H x D)

2.95 x 6.18 x 4.69 Inches


0.98 Pounds



Pros (The Good):

  • Retro-look picture quality
  • Easy to use

Cons: (The Bad):

  • Weak flash

Price Range (in USD):

  • Lowest: $59
  • Highest: $69


The Instax Mini 11 is a great camera and Fujifilm is the last company that still provides instant film pictures like the Polaroid. This is an easy-to-use camera without complicated picture settings because it has an automatic exposure control and it is a one-touch operation. I highly recommend this camera if you are into retro-style instant photography.

Download PDF

Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 Camera User Guide

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